Who We Are​

At Maizer, we are driven by a profound purpose: to revolutionize the global food system. Founded by visionary individuals who triumphed over a food crisis, our mission is to create science-based solutions that address the challenges of food security sustainably. With the ever-increasing demand for food and limited resources, we are committed to protecting nature, improving livelihoods, and securing a resilient food system for the future.

  1. Our Purpose:

Our founders’ ingenuity saved millions, sparking a deep commitment to feed the world. Today, we face new challenges that threaten food security. Maizer strives to meet these challenges head-on, transforming the food system to ensure affordable food access, cleaner energy, and a sustainable planet.

  1. Our Mission:

At Maizer, our mission is rooted in knowledge. We believe knowledge can effect positive global change. As the world’s population expands and resources dwindle, knowledge becomes our ally in feeding the hungry, supporting thriving businesses, and preserving our planet.

  1. Our Values:

Ambition, curiosity, collaboration, and accountability form the bedrock of our values. Our team embraces ambition, consistently exceeding expectations and driving progress. We foster curiosity, fueling innovation and evoking the spirit that empowered our founders during the 20th-century famine. Collaboration amplifies our collective knowledge, enabling us to make a meaningful impact. We hold ourselves accountable, making decisions with Maizer’s and society’s best interests in mind

  1. Our Transformative Products:
  • AceMax 20 SP: A powerful solution for crop protection, AceMax 20 SP ensures robust plant health and increased yield. Formulated to combat pests effectively, this product empowers farmers to safeguard their harvests and ensure food security.

  • GlyphoShield 41 SL: GlyphoShield 41 SL is a potent herbicide designed to tackle unwanted weeds efficiently. It improves agricultural efficiency, reducing competition for essential nutrients and water, leading to healthier crops and higher yields.

  • ThiaLamb 141+106 SC: ThiaLamb 141+106 SC is a breakthrough fungicide that effectively fights against various diseases, preserving the health and vitality of crops. By mitigating the impact of harmful pathogens, farmers can secure a bountiful harvest

  1. Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

At Maizer, we envision a future where food security, environmental protection, and economic prosperity go hand in hand. As we continue to innovate and collaborate, our solutions aim to create a sustainable food system, ensuring that future generations can thrive on a healthier, greener planet.