Choline chloride is used in the feed increase growth rate, strengthen immunity andreducing fatty liver syndrome of the poultry.


Choline Chloride 60%
• Essential for perosis condition and liver enlargement in chicks.
• Acts as lipotropic agent and prevents the abnormal fatty infiltration in liver (fatty liver syndrome).
• Ensure proper metabolism of the body & effective utilization or the nutrition.
Choline, known as Vitamin B4, is a water soluble vitamins. It plays a significant role in nutrition, but its daily requirement seems to be hundreds of times greater than that of other vitamins.
Choline chloride is the most common and the most economical source of choline for animal feed.
Choline chloride is used in the feed increase growth rate, strengthen immunity and reducing fatty liver syndrome of the poultry.


• Animal growth and feed performance.
• Building block of acetylcholine, which in this case has an important function in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system (neurotransmitter).
• Building block of lecithin (phosphatidylcholine). Lecithin is one of the basic constituents of animal cell membranes.
• Building block of ceramides, which are present in the brain tissues. Interference in the enzymatic synthesis or degradation of these membrane building blocks results in metabolic disorders.
The supply of choline must be ensured by the formation of choline in the animal body and by addition to the feed. Choline is in equilibrium with other vitamins. Its synthesis is promoted by vitamin B12.
Recommended usage on basis of Choline Chloride 60% vegetable carrier (gram/mt feed) Milk Cow Feeds (Rumen protected Choline)


500 gm / each 1 MT of finish feed, 1-3 weeks continuously.