AIROLIVER used in animal feeds to meet the requirements of poultry andlivestock in order to maximize production performance.


AIROLIVER is used for the treatment of hepatic dysfunction and particularly the fatty liver syndrome and for the stimulation of biliary ducts.
AIROLIVER is also used to improve fertility, spermatogenesis, and increases hatchability in breeders and egg production in layers.


1. AIROLIVER is a general protective tonic and can be given both in normal and abnormal conditions.
2. Prevents fatty livers and re-generates damaged hepatocytes.
3. Improves egg production and body weight.
4. Increases FCR and feed efficiency.
5. Boosts fertility and hatchability in breeders.
6. Ensures quick recovery during antibiotic therapy.


AIROLIVER can help improve the health and productivity of livestock by providing them with essential nutrients and promoting the growth and development of their bodies.


Poultry, rabbits: 1000 gm / 2 ton of feed for 3-5 days.
Other Species: 1 gm / 10 kg of bodyweight for 5-10 days.