Strong L is a systemic plant defense inducer and fortiFier designed for curing and preventing fungal disease, providing high-quality potassium nutrition, and improving the uniformity of the distribution of nutrients, energy, and soluble solids within the plant.

stimulates the natural production of Phytoalexins which are responsible for boosting plant defense mechanisms against Oomycete pathogens and also destroys existing pathogens in the plant
enhances the distribution of nutrients thanks to its highly systemic nature which increases uniformity in the rooting effect, vegetative growth, Flowering, and fruit development. CROPPER GUARD rapidly mobilizes and transports starch and soluble solids which quickly raises the brix level in fruit in a shorter time period.

prevents the formation and growth of pathogenic spores. Thanks to the highly systemic movement of CROPPER GUARD within the plant tissue compared to other fungicides, its protective and curative capacity is efficiently optimized to quickly reach all plant parts

Rooter uses

  • Multi-purpose beneFits of providing effective protection and quality nutrition
  • Rapidly activates plant defense system to Fight against Oomycetes fungal disease
  • Active 100 % phosphite ion concentration for maximum curative and protective impact
  • Quick distribution of active ingredients in the plant for a uniform cure and plant development
  • Promotes healthy and disease-free rooting, sprouting, Flowering, and fruiting
  • Rapidly raises the Brix level in fruits within a short period of time