For inflammatory, allergic diseases, bovine ketone disease

Dexamethasone Inj. is indicated for allergic reactions, myoglobinuria, toxinaemia, shock, stress and urticaria. Local treatment of arthritis, bursitis, distortions, peri-arthritis, tendinitis and tendovaginitis. Always combine with antibiotics in case of a bacterial infection.

Contains per ml

Dexamethasone (as sodium phosphate) 2 mg

For intramuscular or intravenous injection.

Horses, cattle : 5 – 15 ml per animal.Calves,

foals, sheep, goats, pigs : 1 – 2.5 ml per

animal.Cats, dogs : 0.1 – 1 ml per 10 kg

bodyweight.Higher dosing and repeat treatment

only on advice of your veterinarian.

Meat : 8 days

Milk: 3 days