FLUMEG-50 is employed for treating febrile and inflammatory conditions in livestock and small animals, alleviating muscle and soft tissue pain, including sow-free syndrome in sows.


FLUMEG-50 is a solution to febrile and inflammatory ailments in livestock and small animals, effectively easing muscle discomfort and soft tissue pain. It’s particularly beneficial for addressing sow-free syndrome in sows.


FLUMEG-50 finds application in the treatment of febrile and inflammatory issues within livestock and small animals. It mitigates muscle pain, soft tissue discomfort, and conditions like sow-free syndrome in sows.


Each 1 ml contains
Flunixin Meglumine:




For intramuscular or intravenous injection.

One dose, cattle and swine: 1ml per 25kg bodyweight; dog and cat: 0.2ml-0.4ml per 10kg bodyweight, once or twice a day for not more than 5 days.