Ironizer Prophylaxis and treatment of anemia in calves and piglets


Ironizer provides effective prophylaxis and treatment for anemia in calves and piglets, ensuring optimal health and growth


Safeguard the health of calves and piglets with Ironizer, offering both prophylactic measures and treatment for anemia, promoting their well-being and development.


Each 1 ml contains
Iron Dextran:




Ironizer Dosage Guidelines for Piglets and Calves:

Piglets: Administer 1ml of iron dextran through deep intramuscular injection on the third day after birth. This dosage ensures sufficient iron supply for growth until reaching a body weight of approximately 6-7 kg, and until iron intake from supplementary or starter feeds begins. In herds at risk of anemia before piglet birth, ensure adequate vitamin E intake for sows. For grown-up swine, administer 5-10 ml per application.

Calves: During the 1st week, administer 4-12 ml as needed. If necessary, repeat the dosage at 4 to 6 weeks of age for optimal growth and health.