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MAG FAN DAM are biostimulants that improve performance that are based on free L-amino acids that come from plants and seaweed. According to growers’ needs, they have a balanced amino gram at various concentration levels


MAG FAN DAM is a biostimulant based on free L-amino acids derived from plants and seaweed. It enhances plant performance by acting as mineral nutrient transporters, improving metabolic function under stress, and accelerating the synthesis of plant hormones. It promotes root development, sweetener production, water balance, and flowering.


MAG FAN DAM is indicated for use in plants under extreme stress situations such as drought, heat waves, cold snaps, or pest attacks. It can be applied to improve metabolic function and provide the necessary amino acids for plants to recover and function at peak production


Free Amino Acids:
Free Amino Acids:
Total Nitrogen:
Organic Nitrogen:

16.66 % W/W
27.14 % W/W
6,48 % W/W
3,74 % W/W

Fruit Trees:
Horticultural and Vegetable crops:

250 – 300MG/100L
200 – 300MG/100L
250 – 300MG/100L