MAI ACK3 is a supplementary source of vitamins, is recommended in all animal species, during their growth and for boosting reproduction.

• Improving nutritional efficiency and profitability in animal production.
• Building up the body’s defenses and reinforcing its natural immunity.
• Enhance body performance, immunity and increase resistant against viral and bacterial infections.
• Helping to efficiently control pathological processes.
• Providing better growth to the animals without stress.

Each 1 gm contains:
Vitamin A 25 000 IU
Vitamin C 20 mg
Vitamin K3 20 mg

For oral administration via drinking water.
Poultry: 1 Kg per 2,000 litres of drinking water during 3-5 days.
Horses, cattle: 5-10 gm per animal during 2-3 days.
Foals, calves: 5 gm per animal during 2-3 days.
Pigs, sheep, goats: 2-3 gm per animal during 2-3 days.
Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.