MAI E-SE 20 is a supplement used as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and expectorant properties, have beneficial effects on respiratory function.

Compensating vitamin E and selenium deficiency, improving productivity and improving performance and weight gain.

Each 1 L contains
Vitamin E 200,000 mg
Selenium 1,000 mg
Distilled water emulsifier up to 1 it

Poultry, Calves, Sheep, Cows.

Poultry 200 ml/1000 ml per 100 ml of drinking water.
Calves 0.25 ml /liter/day/head measuring cup 30ml/120 literof drinking water/ per 120 heads
Sheep0.25 ml /liter/day/headmeasuring cup 30ml/120 liter of drinking water/ per 120 heads
Cow 0.5 ml /liter/day/head measuring cup 30ml/60 literof drinking water/ per 60heads For 35
-days,The attached measuring cup is included up to 30 ml.