Organically degrades mycotoxins, improves digestion, boosts immunity, and detoxifies for better health.

• Degrade mycotoxin and glucose organically, consume oxygen in

intestinal tract, increase acid environment.

• Restrain harmful bacteria reproduction, decrease intestinal tract


• Reduce feed mildew obviously, restrain all kinds of mycotoxin,

promote body toxin metabolism .

• Enhance digestive enzyme activity, improve appetite, promote feed

digestion, increase feed conversion.

• Improve immunity and liver kidney detoxification function, it has

good detoxification for disease and medicine poisoning.

Each gram contains:
Yeast Polysaccharide 50mg
Bacillus subtilis 1×109 CFU
Carrier : Potassium sorbate, Glucose oxidase, Herb extract etc.

Normal healthcare : 1 g per 5 liter of
drinking water keep more than 7 days.
Mycotoxin Infection: 1 g per 2-2.5 liter of
drinking water keep 5-7 days.