MAIZICCILLIN-150 treats moderately severe infections in animals sensitive to Penicillin G. Tailored dosages ensure effective treatment


MAIZICCILLIN-150, with Procaine Penicillin G, targets moderately severe infections in animals susceptible to Penicillin-G-sensitive microorganisms. Dosages range from 7ml-13ml per 100kg body weight for horses and cattle to 1.3ml-2ml per 10kg body weight for goats and swine, ensuring effective treatment


MAIZICCILLIN-150 is effective in treating moderately severe infections due to Penicillin-G-susceptible microorganisms in horses, cattle, goats, swine, dogs, and cats. Administer intramuscularly with tailored dosages based on body weight. Cattle require a 10-day withdrawal time for meat


Each 1 ml contains

ProcainePenicillin G:


150 ml


For intramuscular injection 

One dose, horse and cattle: 7ml-13ml per 100kg body weight. Goats and swine: 1.3ml-2ml per 10kg body weight. Dogs and cats: 2ml-2.7ml per 10kg body weight