Each ml contains

Analgin 500 mg

Excipients up to 1ml

Metamizole has analgetic and spasmolytic properties, and is used to treat

pain associated with colic of all kind of origin (cattle, horses and pigs).

Further indications are serositis, arthritis, tendovaginitis, oesophagus

obstruction (dogs) and affections associated with high fever and/or


For subcutaneous and intramuscular injection

Horse, cattle: 3 – 10g

Goat, sheep: 1 – 2 g

Swine: 1 – 3 g

Dog: 0.3 – 0.6 g

For Intravenous administration injection

Equine, cattle: 3 – 6 g

Cattle must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 28days of treatment.

Do not use in dairy cows producing milk for human consumption or in dairy cows

within 7 days prior to calving.Sheep should not be slaughtered for human

consumption within 21 days of treatment.

For meat: 12 days (horse), 20 days (cattle), 28 days (calves), 17 days (pigs).

For milk: 7 days.

For egg: 7 days