• MINIZER is well balanced combination of essential minerals, easy to
be absorbed and (liquid form) easy for medication.
• Prevention or treatment of mineral deficiencies, and stress (caused by
vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity & temperatures or
extreme temperature changes) in farm animals.
• Prevention or treatment of dehydration caused by diarrhoea.
Improvement of feed conversion.

Calcium (Ca) 140 mg.        Phosphorus (P) 13.6 mg.
Sodium (Na) 10 mg.            Potassium (K) 8 mg
Magnesium (Mg) 9 mg.     Iron (Fe) 2.75 mg.
Manganese (Mn) 5 mg.     Zinc (Zn) 5 mg.
Copper (Cu) 1 mg.               Cobalt(Co) 12mcg
Dextrose 100 mg                   Solvents ad 1 ml.

For oral administration
Poultry: 1 litre per 1500-2000 litres drinking water keep for 5 days.
Cattle, calves, goats and sheep: 20 – 30ml per animal keep
for 5-7 days. (10 ml per 1 litre drinking water.)