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TOMATE is a potent NPK fertilizer enriched with fulvic acids to improve soil quality, accelerate plant growth, enhance root development, and optimize nutrient absorption


TOMATE is an NPK fertilizer that is rich in active organic matter fractions, specifically fulvic acids, which enhance soil quality and encourage plant nutrient uptake. quickly and favorably influences the growth of the plant’s aerial portion. It has a jolting impact that increases metabolic activity and significantly boosts crop output


TOMATE during the growth stage to optimize soil quality, enhance plant growth, strengthen root systems, improve nutrient uptake, and maximize crop productivity for optimal results

Total Nitrogen (N):
Organic Nitrogen(N):
Ammonical Nitrogen:
Phosphorus (P):
Potassium (K):
Total Organic matter:
Carbon (C):

12 % 

7 % 

7 % 

4 % 

5 % 

75.5 % 

43.8 % 

13 %


All kinds of crops:

500 – 1000 mg/L (Basal Dressing/ Top Dressing) 

200 – 400 MG/L (Established Crops)