Antibacterial drugs for the treatment of bacterial pneumonia, enteritis in poultry; avian

cholera, chicken infectious rhinitis, prevention of poultry coccidia infection, etc. For

treatment of pneumoenterits, foot infections and metritis in cattle and calves.Also for

treatment of colibacillosis and pneumonia in sheep and goat, and bacterial scour in calves.

Each 1 ml contains:

Tylosin tartrate 100mg

Sulfadimidine base 125mg

Trimethoprim 25mg

By intramuscular injection, the general dose is 1ml/10kg B.W/day for 2-3 days.

Cattle: 30ml~40ml

Calves: 5ml~10ml

Sheep: 5ml~10ml

Lambs: 1ml~5ml

Meat: 7 days

Milk: 4 days