The use of toxin binders is beneficial

Mould and yeast in feed and mycotoxins, even in small amounts, have a direct negative impact on animal health and production performance. Feed costs can account for up to 70% of total animal production expenditures, so feed spoilage and animal health problems can result in significant economic losses for the farmer.

Whether you are looking for natural fertilizers and nutrients for your plants, or non-toxic supplements and food for your pets, Maizer has a range of effective and sustainable solutions. We are committed to promoting sustainable living and environmental stewardship, and our products reflect this commitment.

Natural feeds often contain dangerous mycotoxins produced by fungi. Maizer offers Maizer-Tox , a range of toxin binders that counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins by inactivating them while leaving other components such as vitamins and minerals untouched. The addition of a mycotoxin binder such as Maizer-Tox is the most promising dietary approach to reducing the effects of mycotoxins. Mycotoxin binders are routinely added as a safety measure and as a guarantee to customers.

We are GMP+ certified and our products are regularly tested by reputable and independent laboratories.